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Free online shop to promote your new business

We purposely list this Income Stream as number one because it is also an excellent idea for promoting your online business.

Suppose you have photos, or artwork that can be printed and sold on clothing and other merchandise. You do have at least one for sure. It is a slogan, logo or website address of your new online business.

This Income Stream makes it easy for you to create and sell such products online for FREE.

You can create and sell a variety of customizable products with zero upfront costs and zero inventory investment.

You can sell

Merchandise you design including t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and much more
Books printed on-demand
Audio and Data CDs

What Income Stream number 01 does

Gives you a FREE online shop to promote your products
Produces each item when ordered using our unique print-on-demand technology
Handles all payment transactions including major credit cards
Ships your products worldwide
Manages all returns/exchanges
Offers customer service via toll-free phone and email
Sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!

How it works

Each product has a base price that includes all fees associated with selling. You simply set your retail price above the base price. When you sell an item from your free online store, they keep the base price and send you the markup.

Order hosting and request your free website to start making money

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