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Online Payment Options

Payment processing is the ability to accept credit cards over the Internet. This functionality provides you with capability of processing credit cards transactions in real-time. An online business that does not accept credit cards is not an online business at all.

Merchant Account Not Needed

We recommend, and use, two easy and quick ways to accept payments that do not require you to obtain merchant account.

  option A option B
Per transaction 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction 5.5% + .45 cents per transaction
Monthly fees $0 $0
Setup fee no $49
Processing minimum no no
Credit approval no no
How they pay you bank deposit, debit card, or check bi-monthly check

It's your choice - you're the boss!

You do not have to accept credit card payments to receive your income from Income Stream 01 and Income Stream 03.

You will decide which one, or both, or any other more expensive options you want to use to receive payments.


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