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Private Label hosting program

Web hosting is a rapidly expanding business and it is one of the great ways to make money online.

Your Private Label hosting reselling allows you to take advantage of this growing market. It is is an ideal solution for any Internet business because it is a great source of recurring revenue.

If you signed up for the Private Label hosting program you already entered a very lucrative market.

How it works

You will offer electronic real estate where people can place and operate their websites.

You set your own prices and get paid directly by your clients. Private Label program allows you to fully customize the plans you offer to your customers and earn a recurring income from the monthly hosting fees.

It gives you full control in real time of your clients' accounts. Using Private Label program you will easily be able to:

Setup your own hosting plans to your specifications
Enable and disable features for an account
Create user accounts and park domains
Upgrade or downgrade any account
Suspend, unsuspend and terminate an account
Modify account quotas for any account
Edit DNS zones
View overall bandwidth usage of all your accounts
Customize your client's control panel with your own branding
and more...

Each client account you create in real time gives your customer immediate access to their own personal control panel, allowing them to manage their site and access all account features you have enabled.

Order hosting and request your free website to start making money

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