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Free Website for You

After you pay for hosting, we will set up a functional, FREE website for you with all necessary elements. It will be exclusively yours, and you will own it. We request that you choose a name for you business and suggest a domain name for your website. Take your time, come up with a name that feels right to you.

You can literally host thousands of pages and you also be able to host multiple domains - feature very important for the business model we recommend. You can and will put additional websites without paying a penny more.

And since your online business is NOT an affiliate program, you - the owner will keep all the profits gained by your website.

It is not going to be a final version of your website. We will do some website tuning later when we integrate your website with shopping cart and two online payment options. If you know how to do it, you can always redesign your website on your own.

Stick with it the first version of your website for now. We want you to move quickly to your business model and adding revenue streams. more>>

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