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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

People have been fed a lot of misinformation about successful Internet businesses. Many fear being manipulated or misled on the Internet. We are so confident in the service we provide, we offer Unconditional 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Signup today with absolutely no risk! Most won't. The few who do will prosper online.

 Can this Internet business gain me any profit?

Everyday ordinary people are making money on Internet. What should be stopping you from doing the same? If thousands and even millions of other people can start and build a profitable Internet business, this is proof that you can as well. By applying principles we recommend, you can make them a powerful reality in your life.

How do you differ from others?

Many companies will just give you the website to sell their products. With Biznetpage, you decide what goes on at your website. We will quickly introduce you to Income Stream that is designed to bring you a steady income without offering any product to sell.

You, the owner will be making all the decisions. If you decide to sell on your website, you will decide what products, you will be selling.

If you request, we will give you several digital form products and services for FREE (a $437 value), that you will be able to start selling and keep all profits for yourself.

We understand that the purpose of your website is to make money, and, as a successful Internet business, we are in an ideal position to advise you about that. We will commit ourselves to your success.

Most of as at Biznetpage are, or have been, owners of small businesses. We are using our model to build our online business and we are succeeding because of it.

We believe in honesty in business. By being honest and  we are able to develop mutual trust and respect.

More, and more online business owners and consultants have used and trust Biznetpage model.

Do I have to follow your recommendations?

As the owner of your business, you do not have to follow anybody's recommendations but yours.

What will I be required to do?

As with any business some effort is involved on your part if you want to be successful. You will have to make decisions what Income Stream to integrate to your website. You will have to decide what your business name is, etc. We will also ask you that you communicate with us and our webmasters when requested.

I don't have any products to sell or any services to offer.

We will give you several digital form products and services ( a $437 value) for FREE, that you will be able to start selling and keep all profits for yourself. We will tell you what else sells well on the Web. Biznetpage FREE newsletter will show you where you can get additional products with resell to offer on your website. We will also introduce you to the providers of services that are popular on the Web. Depending on what appeals to you and your customers, you will be able to use our relations for your website benefit.

What if I do not have any website experience?

We will set your business website for you and integrate Income Streams you decide to have in it.

What if I need help?

We will help you with entire technical aspect of your business.

Am I allowed to change the website?


How will I receive money?

Your customers will pay you directly. Depending on how you choose to handle customers with credit cards. With Option A that we use it on our websites, the money is available right away through check or direct deposit to your account. With Option B, you can receive a check or direct deposit on a weekly basis.

How much will it cost?

The Private Label hosting that you need to build your business with our income model is one dollar a day ($30/month). You can't be serious about owning a business if you don't want to spend a dollar a day. Nobody will offer you so much for a dollaa a day as we do.

Are there any other costs or surprise charges later?

One of the credit card systems has one time $50.00 setup fee. You can decide to use the other one, that has no setup fee.

Who owns the website?

You do.

Do I have to share my profits with you?

No. You will earn 100% of what your website makes. This is not an affiliate program. You, the owner will keep all the profits gained by your website.

Do you charge for help, assistance, web design and webmaster work?

No. Biznetpage services are free of charge to our client members.

Will you advertise on my website?

No. You will get premium hosting and we will never advertise on your website. You - the business owner will decide what goes on at your website and which income streams to implement.

I already have a domain name, what do I do?

Since you already have a domain name, you will simply change your domain's name servers with your current registrar. Since we offer a free domain, you may want to get that FREE new domain for your business.


Signup today with absolutely no risk!  Order hosting and request your free website to start making money.

Need more information? Email us: info@biznetpage.com